Monday, July 7, 2014

The Pursuit of Mary Bennet - Review

A little bit about the book:

A tale of love and marriage, society balls and courtship, class and a touch of scandal, Pamela Mingle's The Pursuit of Mary Bennet is a fresh take on one of the most beloved novels of all time, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Growing up with four extraordinary sisters—beautiful and confident Jane and Elizabeth, and flirtatious and lighthearted Lydia and Kitty—wasn't easy for an awkward bookworm like Mary Bennet. But with nearly all of her sisters married and gone from the household, the unrefined Mary has transformed into an attractive and eligible young woman in her own right.

When another scandal involving Lydia and Wickham threatens the Bennet house, Mary and Kitty are packed off to visit Jane and her husband, Charles Bingley, where they meet the dashing Henry Walsh. Eager and na├»ve, Mary is confused by Henry's attentions, even as she finds herself drawing closer to him. Could this really be love—or the notions of a foolish girl unschooled in the art of romance and flirtation?

Dear Lady Celeste,

I am at High Tor visiting with The Bingleys. I was very surprised this morning when Mary and Lizzie Bennet appeared unannounced for a visit. Seems there is a scandal at home involving Lydia. 

Do you remember Mary? Mary is the plain and socially awkward daughter of the Bennet family. Mary has changed.Is it possible with nearly all her sisters married that Mary has blossomed into a poised beauty capable of attracting a handsome gentleman?

It seem that Charles Bingley's friend is just such a gentleman. Henry is very handsome, with a winning personally, and is highly sought after by many eligible ladies. I believe he is attracted to Mary's quiet reserve, or does something else attract him to her?

Mary confided in me and she wonders this too, and she is suspect of his motives. Add in the fact that the gentlemen is keeping a secret and the future is anything but certain.

This has been such an exciting visit. I am hoping that Mary and Henry work things out. I do so love a happy ending.

Will write soon dear one.

My love to you, Molly, Rose and dear Gregory.

Warmest Regards,

Lady Kailyn

I enjoyed how the story is woven in a manner similar to Pride and Prejudice. I also appreciated the use of a few letters written the text as that was a favorite writing style of Jane Austen. I found this suggested future for Mary very believable and well -written.

This was the first book by Pamela Mingle I have read and plan to read more. 

This Regency read gets a six pack from me.

Reviewed by Lady Kailyn, a BCF (Best Corgi Friend) of Lady Celeste.

Karen Dimaio is a self taught artist who has a passion for capturing people's pets in colored pencil. She is also a library volunteer and lifelong reader. Her favorite author is Jane Austen. She has a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Mr. Darcy. You can find Karen's art on her Facebook page.


  1. Lovely review Lady Kailyn!
    I love this type of review!! So glad you shared.

  2. Sounds like a interesting read. I enjoyed your review. :)

  3. Love to find new to me authors,thank you for sharing The Pursuit of Mary Bennet with us.

    1. Thank you, I always enjoy discovering a new author too!

  4. Lovely review, Karen! Loving the blog, Sue! Corgi kisses all around, Cat xo


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