Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Wanderer by Robyn Carr - Audio version

The Wanderer is Book #1 of the Thunder Point Series.
I have read others from this series. 
Obviously, very out of order.
But it doesn't hurt anything. 
The Wanderer was still a terrific story.

It's the story of Cooper and Sarah. Sarah Dupre is an independent, intelligent and tough woman. She has been raising her 
little brother, Landon.  Their parents were killed
when Landon was very little. It has been a hard road 
for them both. Sarah is a coast guard helicopter pilot. 
She has been single parenting
Landon for so long. When she fell for a guy. 
Fell totally. And he wound up
to be a loser. Sarah is determined she does not need love. 
She will never put herself in that position again. Ever.

Hank Cooper is also a helicopter pilot. He has roamed 
the world far and wide. Working when he needed to. With no roots ever being planted.
He has been happy to go visit his family every so often. 
Then move onto
the next country, job and adventure.
 Coop finds himself in Thunder Point
after a good friend passes away. 
Ben Bailey left everything to Hank.
So he feels obligated to settle things up from Ben's estate. 
In the meantime, he finds Thunder Point is a terrific place. 
The people are
great and welcoming.

Sarah & Cooper have no interest in anything but a
temporary relationship. And then cupid steps in. 
Sometimes, you just cannot fight it.
It's a good story. Sets up everything for the
Thunder Point series. I have found I can't help but feel at
home in the small town. I feel like I could go visit anytime
I want to. It's written so well I can see it all in my head.

The narration is good. Her name is Therese Plummer. 
She is easy to listen to. Sometimes, her ''male'' voices
are not the best. But over all, she is good to listen to.
I do recommend this series if you like small town reading.
And if you are looking for a series to listen to, I would
encourage you to give this one a try.

Review by Lisa Hutson
I bought this audio book.

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