Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr - Audio version

Wildest Dreams
by Robyn Carr
Audio version

Wildest Dreams is Book 9 in
the Thunder Point series.

I have read most of the books from this series. They
are all wonderful. While they are connected. Either by
the location of Thunder Point or by characters that are
involved. They are easily stand alone stories.
Wildest Dreams is a terrific story of a couple of very tough
determined people. Lin Su has raised her son, Charlie
entirely on her own. She is a fierce protector for him.
She went to nursing school as she raised Charlie. Now
she can support him. She has to pinch pennies but she
can make it work.
Blake Smiley grew up in very hard times. He has pulled
himself into a position of financial success. A professional
triathlete with plans for his future.

Blake is attracted to Lin Su from the first minute
he sees her. But she is having no part of the flirting
or attraction. Blake is not ready to give up.
He feels like Lin Su is his meant to be.

Its all going well until Lin Su finds out that Charlie
has been digging into her past. She never wanted
her son to know much of it and so she kept it
from him. Her secrets are revealed and she is

There are many important characters in this
story. They also have storylines running.
It is a sweet story of love and forgiveness.
Also life lessons like don't waste time. Don't blink.
Tell people that you love them when you have the
chance. Be thankful for the good days.
Therese Plummer is the narrator. She is very
popular for a good reason. Because she is
terrific. Easy to listen to.
I do recommend this one and the rest
of the series as well. Robyn Carr has
written a terrific series.
I bought my audible copy of Wildest Dreams
from Amazon.
Review by Lisa Hutson  


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