Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Worth The Fall by Claudia Connor

Worth The Fall

It has been a very long time since I read a book
that struck me so hard. A book that I seriously did not
want to put down.
Worth The Fall starts out on the beach. I have noticed that

the beach can be a magical place in many romance stories.
Not so much here. It starts out nice but not magical.
Abby has brought her four children to the beach for

a family get away. She is pregnant and a widow. Does
not sound real magical, does it?
Matt is a SEAL. At the beach recovering from an injury.

He is also dealing with death. Matts best friend died out
on a mission. He feels compelled to recover physically
to get back into combat.
That's the background. As everyone is trying to

recover in their own way, Matt gets hit on his back
with a football. Really, that's how this amazing
wonderful love story starts.

Abby is a strong woman. But still, fragile.
Recovering from her husbands death as

well as raising 4 children by herself and
pregnant too.
Matt is tough but feeling unsure of what he
wants in his future. He has made a promise.
But he still isn't sure what he wants for himself.

The kids are fabulous characters. I know the
story sounds a little far fetched. But the writing

and the characters are so real. You can feel it all deep
into your own heart. Just about the time the hero makes
a big mistake. I was sure the story was ruined. No way
can he recover from this mistake.
But he does. The story does. It is so well done.

I loved it. Easily my favorite book this year.
Ms Connor is a new writer for me. Worth The Fall

is book one of this series.

  I bought my kindle copy from Amazon.
This review by Lisa Hutson

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