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Susan's Review of Nights at Seaside by Addison Cole

Dive into the Newest Sweet with Heat Romance!

Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #6
Addison Cole
Releasing Dec 13, 2017

Sky Lacroux has finally realized her dream and opened her own tattoo shop in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She’s happy as can be, preparing the shop for its grand opening and renting a cottage in the Seaside community while renovations to her new apartment are being completed. The only thing missing is the one thing she longs for, and has no control over—love.

Sawyer Bass, a professional boxer, plays his guitar at a local bar to escape the painful reality of his father’s deteriorating health and a recent health warning of his own. But when he spots a stunning brunette across the room, escaping reality goes out the window, and the beautiful woman becomes the focus of his next song—and maybe even the rest of his life.

When Sawyer walks into Sky’s tattoo shop and sees the woman from the bar—Sky—the chemistry between them is instant. Sawyer is everything Sky could ever hope for in a man. He’s honest, loving, sensitive, and potently virile—but boxing goes against everything Sky believes in. The closer they become, the more she realizes that her alpha boxer is waging his own emotional battle—only the battle she thinks he’s waging isn’t the one that threatens to tear them apart.

Nights at Seaside is the sweet edition of the steamy romance novel Seaside Nights by Melissa Foster

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Addison Cole is the sweet alter ego of New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Melissa Foster. She writes humorous and emotional sweet contemporary romance. Her books do not include explicit sex scenes or harsh language. Addison spends her summers on Cape Cod, where she dreams up wonderful love stories in her house overlooking Cape Cod Bay.    

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Addison Cole’s Nights at Seaside is a deeply moving novel. Tattoo artist Sky Lacroux and poet Sawyer Bass are featured in this sexy, contemporary stand-alone read. The characters appealed to me and their journey touched my heart!

The author’s expressive writing style shines in Nights at Seaside. I could feel the connection between Sawyer and the audience at the Governor Bradford Inn as he began to sing on open mic night. I sensed that the intensity of Sawyer’s persona and the words in his ballad drew Sky to him like a moth to a flame. I enjoyed that the author focused on words throughout the novel. The importance of words and phrases are significant to Sky. As a tattoo artist she inks meaningful words and phrases on her customers. Sky collects scraps of paper with phrases from the mysterious P-Town poet and she is curious to discover the identity of the P-Town poet as she believes they are kindred souls. Sawyer is a complex character who cares deeply and passionately for those he loves. He is focused on helping his parents through a financial and medical situation. His writing, singing and the phrases that are tattooed on his back are an outlet for him to express himself creatively.

Addison Cole’s words flow like poetry in this novel. Sky and Sawyer are the perfect description for the word soulmates. They understand each other and their love story is very romantic. The author doesn’t waiver in her portrayal of Sky and her feelings towards fighting – it goes against her beliefs. Sky’s struggle with fighting, bloodshed and Sawyer’s desire to provide for his family is the crux of the drama in the novel. Does Sky believe in Sawyer enough to trust in their love?

Choices are important to each of the characters in this novel. Sky, Sawyer and Sawyer’s parents have difficult choices to make throughout the story. The conclusion to Nights at Seaside was perfectly written—both characters stayed true to their beliefs—have some Kleenex on hand. Loved the epilogue and I agree with Sawyer’s grandmother’s advice!

This is my favorite book in Addison Cole’s sweet version of the Seaside series and I highly recommend it. The author’s words perfectly portray the unique, endearing characters and their hard-fought personal and professional struggles. Nights at Seaside is on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

ARC provided by Tasty Tours

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Susan's Review of Only For You by Melissa Foster

Love only works when your heart is in the right place. 
Hers could be right next door…

Sugar Lake #2
Melissa Foster
Releasing Dec 5, 2017

Single mom Bridgette Dalton doesn’t have time to stop and smell the roses—not even in her own flower shop. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t noticed Bodhi Booker. Her ruggedly handsome next-door neighbor would be the perfect candidate for a no-strings fling. Having loved and lost, Bridgette’s not ready to hand over her heart…but she could use a distraction.

Bodhi has one rule: never leave anyone behind. As a special operative, he knows that each new mission is more dangerous than the last. He’s never made a promise of forever to a woman, not even to the beautiful widow who has him tied in knots. And if there were anyone who could tempt him into putting down roots, it would be Bridgette and her adorable son.

But as his next deployment nears, they make a startling discovery. Their passion, meant only for the here and now, might already be blossoming into something more…

**ONLY FOR YOU is published by Montlake (an Amazon imprint) and won’t be available on other ebook retailers, but you can download a FREE ereader app to read it HERE, or order the paperback.

Only $1.99

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

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Only For You captivated me from the first page! Melissa Foster’s pairing of widowed mom Bridgette Dalton with handsome, semi-retired special agent Bodhi Booker perfectly blends passion, humor and life in a small town. I adored Bodhi and Bridgette’s journey and read the book in one afternoon.

I love Melissa Foster’s characters because they are relatable, honest and their journeys are hard won. Bridgette is a hard working single mom who owns a busy florist shop. She relies on her family for support. Although, motherhood is her priority; she has definitely noticed her sexy next door neighbor. Both Bridgette and Bodhi have suffered the loss of a loved one. Bridgette’s husband died suddenly and she does not want to be left behind ever again. Bodhi‘s job is dangerous and he doesn’t want to leave a family behind if he doesn’t return home. His steadfast decision is deeply personal as his father died when he was young. Bodhi is due to report for training in two weeks. So a quick, two week romance should work for the couple, correct?

The chemistry between the couple sizzles and it’s fabulous to see Bridgette come out of her shell, realize that she can be Louie’s mom and Bodhi’s lover. Loved the caring, protective side to Bodhi in the well- written, often humorous scenes with Bridgette’s son Louie. Only For You is filled with colorful, superbly crafted supporting characters. These characters add warmth, humor and a dose of reality to the story. Adored Bridgette’s mom, Roxie, and her hand cream/love potions, five-year old Louie with his astute dinnertime observations and Zane and Ben’s conversations with Bodhi.

Only for You is a feel good book; complete with a caring, loving hero, a slightly overwhelmed mother of a precocious five- year old, her fun, zany family and a very big dog. I was captivated by the couple and their sweet, sexy romance and didn’t want the two- week time frame to end. The novel pulls at the reader’s heartstrings – because it’s obvious that Bodhi and Bridgette love each other. Can they take a leap of faith and take a chance at love?

The novel has a few surprises for the reader as Ms. Foster doesn’t write the typical happily ever after ending for this couple. The conclusion is perfect and the epilogue is FABULOUS. Louie steals the show!

Reviewer's note: Even though the novel is part of a series; it can be read as a stand- alone book. I enjoyed the first book in the Sugar Lake series so much that I pre-ordered this story. Thank you to Tasty Tours for letting Lady Celeste join the blog tour!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

ARC provided by the publisher

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She wrapped her hand around his long fingers, and his eyes heated, never wavering from hers. She’d never met a man so intense. Her nerves were on fire as she led him toward the table where some of her family members were talking. Awareness of the significance of her decision, of the signals she was sending, slammed into her, and she slowed to catch her breath. Was she ready for this?

He put a finger beneath her chin and lifted, as he’d done at his front door, gazing thoughtfully down at her. “Would you rather I leave?” She shook her head. “No. I’m just . . . I’m good.” And she was. She’d needed that pause to acknowledge and accept what she was feeling. She was nervous, but she wanted this. She wanted him. Her smile came genuinely, and earned her one in return. “Come on.”

She became more nervous as they approached the table. Willow was practically sitting in Zane’s lap as they mooned over each other. Piper and Talia were scoping out some guy across the room, and Ben was in a heated discussion with Aurelia. She shouldn’t be nervous. This was her normal. Except normal didn’t usually include holding hands with a man she wanted to strip naked and devour.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the naked neighbor.” Mischief danced in Piper’s eyes as she pushed to her feet and strutted around the table in her skinny jeans and slinky little blouse. She set her hands on her hips, running an assessing eye over Bodhi.

His jaw clenched.

“Bodhi, this is my sister Piper. She works in construction and is around guys all day, which means she has absolutely no filter. Please take her with a grain of salt.”

He flashed a cocky grin. “For the record, I had a towel on.”

“For the record,” Piper said, “she wished you didn’t.”

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Beach House for Rent by Mary Alice Monroe

Beach House for Rent
by Mary Alice Monroe
The title gives away the location.
But the story is much more than a place.
The tale reminded me just how important
we all are to each other. We do tend to 
close ourselves off. From our neighbors.
But how important the whole ''village'' 
really is to all of us. We all need each other.
Heather has lived with the trauma of a
serious accident since she was very young.
She has overwhelming anxiety issues.
Cara experiences a drowning tragedy over
the summer.
The two of them are taken under the wings
of a group of beach people. Beach people
with great big hearts and willing to do
whatever it takes to be the best friends
they can be.

There is so much happiness and peace
coming from this story, the place and the people.
Beach House for Rent is the place everyone
wishes they could spend a summer. Or a life.
Review written by Lisa Hutson 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Something like Happy by Eva Woods

Something Like Happy
by Eva Woods
A story of future. When Annie finds herself in such a deep
dark unhappy place that she cannot find a ray of sunshine.
When you are in such a sad place that you don't clean
your house. That you don't care about anything in your
life. It's a very sad place. Annie is so deep that she does
not even have thoughts about how to make things better.
No thoughts of how bad her life is.
Do you believe in angels?
Because an angel crashes into Annie. Into her life. Into her
sadness. Into her depression. Into her darkness and despair.
This bright shining energetic lady named Polly, slides right
in. Polly breaks Annies life wide open.

 Its 100 days to be happy. 
Something Like Happy is an interesting
thoughtful novel. You cant know what you are
getting into as you read along.
I won this book from
Review by Lisa Hutson

Monday, November 20, 2017

Susan's Review of At The Christmas Wedding

Snowed in at a castle full of handsome lords, three young ladies are about to have the holiday of their lives…

From the authors of At the Duke's Wedding.

Loved this anthology! The authors took the time to create a fabulous house party theme and crafted three wonderful stories about the couples who are snowed in for the holidays at Kingstag Castle.

The Duke and Duchess of Wessex leave their holiday house party in the hands of their daughter Serena and Viola Cavendish, the duchess’s secretary. Serena and Viola must supervise the duke’s troublesome sister Bridget, keep an eye on the mischievous Lady Sophronia and Serena’s friends.

Each story contains enough character and plot cross over to make for an enjoyable, delightful read! I felt that I was reading a book, not three separate stories.

Bridget’s play was woven throughout each of the three novellas. Loved that each author understood the character and her desire to write the play. I enjoyed reading every paragraph devoted to Bridget and her zany play and the unscripted ending was perfect!!

Caroline Linden’s Map of a Lady’s Heart is my favorite story within the anthology. I thought that the all of the characters were relatable and appealing. Ms. Linden did a fabulous job setting the scene and introducing all of the castle’s guests to the reader. The scene where Wes asks Viola to go outside to view the stars at night was exquisitely written. Loved that Wes understood that his love for Viola was the treasure he'd spent a lifetime looking for.

Maya Rodale’s piece features Lady Serena, Lord Gosling, Greyson Jones and Bridget’s play. Grey has loved Serena for years. He did not pursue her because she was engaged to his best friend. Grey views the house party at his opportunity to see if he is really in love with Serena. Loved the hysterically funny scenes when Lady Bridget and her aunt cast Grey as Serena’s love interest in the play. The witty dialogue, laugh out loud scenes from the play and pacing in this novella are superb.

And Bridget’s play? Will the Lonely Spinster choose the Lord Captain Pirate or the Lovesick Swan?The conclusion to this story was very romantic and perfect for the happy couple and playwright!

Katharine Ashe’s descriptive voice and the back and forth banter between Charlotte and Frye make the third novella in the anthology a charming read. I could feel how cold it was outside, understand Charlotte’s feelings towards Frye and understand why Frye loved the feisty Charlotte beyond words. The romance between the couple was delicately paced as Charlotte truly believes that Frye has jilted her best friend. Loved the added touch of the couple celebrating Christmas Eve at the inn. My favorite scene occurred when Charlotte tells an unconscious Frye that he is “forbidden to die’. It’s touching, perfectly executed and yes….made me cry! Ms. Ashe treats us to several fun plot twists and turns before the couple arrives at Kingstag Castle.

I enjoyed this fabulous anthology. It’s filled with great characters, fun and games and so much romance!

Reviewd by Susan Gorman

Book purchased via Amazon

Friday, November 17, 2017

Susan's review of Say I Do in Good Hope by Cindy Kirk

Sometimes love is right on your doorstep...

Eliza Shaw has never met a crisis she couldn’t manage. If her father thinks she’s going to take his attempt at selling the family home out from underneath her, then he clearly doesn’t know her at all. She‘ll chain herself to the banister if she has to...

Kyle Kendrick doesn’t have time for the hassle of an eviction. He definitely doesn’t have time for Eliza Shaw’s drama – even if she does look distractingly gorgeous when she’s furious. His sister is arriving in Good Hope and he needs a home. Now.

Neither Kyle nor Eliza is thrilled at the idea of sharing the house, but it’s the only sensible solution. Now if they could each just stop fantasizing about their new roommate this crazy plan might just work. And if they’re lucky, what started out as playing house could end up giving them the home and family they’ve both desperately yearned for.

Sometimes a secondary character creates a spark in the storyline and catches the reader’s attention. The character might resonate with readers or be the one character that readers dislike with a passion. Eliza Shaw is the character many readers disliked in the Good Hope series. Her feisty, take charge attitude, community spirit, sense of style and her rivalry with Bloom sisters caught my interest—and I began to look forward to reading about her. I felt sorry for her when her “more than friends” relationship with Jeremy Rakes ended. Although Eliza was originally cast as the antagonist to the Bloom sisters, her character developed beyond that one dimensional role in the last two Good Hope books.

Cindy Kirk took a huge risk in pairing the determined Eliza with easy going Kyle Kendrick in this well- paced story. Eliza Shaw is devastated when she learns that her father has sold her home to Kyle and she has no intentions of moving! Her grandmother promised that Eliza would inherit the beautiful Victorian home. The fun begins when Kyle and Eliza compromise and agree to share the house until the legal paperwork is resolved.

The couple begins to bond when Kyle’s sister Lolo comes for an extended visit. Lolo has been through a tough time and needs a change of scenery. Eliza remembers that she felt alone was teased in junior high. Loved when Eliza saw Lolo’s first fashion faux pas and transformed her outfit for church in 10 minutes. I liked how Eliza and Kyle worked together to make sure Lolo felt secure in Good Hope.

Family is important to both Eliza and Kyle. Cindy Kirk provides Eliza’s backstory through conversations with Eliza’s cousin Katharine and several heart to heart conversations between Eliza and Kyle. Eliza’s relationship with her father explains her determination to succeed. Kyle’s situation is different from Eliza’s. His parents have been supportive but, much to his surprise he has learned that he may have a sibling in Good Hope. I loved the speed dating questions when Eliza and Kyle talked about honesty and trust in a relationship—it was a turning point in their relationship.

Say I Do in Good Hope has all the small town warmth and charm that I adore in this series. Cindy Kirk’s descriptive voice shines in this novel. She includes so many details that make this novel relatable; birth, death, weddings and new beginnings. This is my favorite story in the series. I feel the friends to lovers romance between the strong willed Eliza and easy going Kyle was perfectly written. The last few chapters had a few surprises for the couple—and the ending - -especially the grand gesture made me cry!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

Book purchased from Amazon by Susan Gorman

Author photo and biography from

Cindy Kirk is a lifelong Nebraska resident who started writing after taking a class at a local community college. But her interest in the written word started years before when she was in her teens. At sixteen she wrote in her diary, “I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t be a writer.”

Not until her daughter was heading off to college did Cindy return to her first love---writing. Unlike some writers, Cindy wasn’t interested in newspaper or magazine articles, short stories or poetry. When she decided to start writing, she jumped feet first into book length fiction. She loves reading and writing romance because she believes in the power of love and in happily ever after. An incurable romantic, Cindy loves seeing her characters grow and learn from their mistakes and, in the process, achieve a happy ending.

Someone once told Cindy that to know a writer you just have to read what she's written; she hopes that once you read her books you can tell she is an eternal optimist, one who truly believes in the power of love. She invites you to kick off your shoes, pick up one of her books and get to know her. Cindy and her high school sweetheart husband live on an acreage with two dogs and two cats—Oreo--a friendly feline who loves to sit next to the computer and supervise her writing and Leo, a white devil with a raccoon-like tail.


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Cover Reveal-- A Reckless Redemption by Laura Trentham

A Reckless Redemption
by Laura Trentham
Series: Spies and Lovers, #3
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: December 5, 2017

Can a single night’s deception lead to a lifelong love?

On the eve of her wedding to a man she detests, Brynmore McCann can think of only one way to escape—by ruining herself—but the local lads leave her wholly uninspired. Just as she’s ready to accept her fate, she spots Maxwell Drake, home after nearly a decade. Even though he had loved her sister when they were young, Bryn has always considered him hers and she can’t think of anyone she’d rather have bed her for the first time. Only she never intends for him to find out who she is.

Upon returning home, Maxwell is stunned by the news that his father may have left him an inheritance. As the unacknowledged by-blow of a local nobleman, Maxwell struggles with resentment over the way he and his mother were treated by his father and the village. To add to his troubles, he discovers the lass he spent an incredibly satisfying night with was not the village whore, but the high-born sister of his first love. He insists Brynmore travel with him to Edinburgh until they determine if she is with child. Because if she is, she’ll marry him whether she wants to or not.

Along the road to Edinburgh, they are attacked by persons unknown. As the list of suspects who want them dead grows longer and his worries deepen, Maxwell prepares for an even more personal battle—how to keep from surrendering his heart to Brynmore.

Warning: Contains a broody Scotsman, a fiery-haired lass, and a night of passion that changes everything. Readers are encouraged to bring a fan.

A man’s murmur rose through the occasional nicker and whinny. For a long moment, Bryn stood still, letting the cadence soothe her like a wild pony. The deep, rich voice mesmerized her, and she found herself under its spell, moving inexorably closer to the open stall. She peered around the door to see a man rubbing down his horse with sweeping, graceful strokes of a blanket.

He exchanged blanket with brush and methodically groomed the horse’s flanks, all the while talking nonsense to his besotted mount. The low timbre of his voice lilted with a Scot’s brogue. The horse nuzzled the man during his ministrations. A greatcoat and brimmed hat kept his identity a secret.

The edge of his coat and boots were muddy and road-worn but of excellent quality. How had such a fine gentleman ended up in such an out of the way village as Cragian? For her wedding? Why then wasn’t he at the house with all the other kowtowers?

He circled to the horse’s opposite flank, and she caught sight of the lower half of his face. Weakness crawled into her knees, and her stomach took a fearless leap. She knew him.

Dark stubble covered a strong, square jaw. In juxtaposition, his mouth was sensuous, the bottom lip full and curled up in a smile as if caring for his horse was a pleasure and not a chore. Something deep inside of her, something she hadn’t even known was lying dormant, stirred to life after almost ten years.

It would be this man or no one. The man who’d once loved her sister. The man she’d loved from afar for too many years. Maxwell Drake. The Fates had made her decision.

Book 1: An Indecent Invitation

Book 2: A Brazen Bargain

An award-winning author, Laura Trentham was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee. Although, she loved English and reading in high school, she was convinced an English degree equated to starvation. She chose the next most logical major—Chemical Engineering—and worked in a hard hat and steel toed boots for several years.

She writes sexy, small town contemporaries and smoking hot Regency historicals. KISS ME THAT WAY, Cottonbloom Book 1, won the Stiletto Contest for Best Long Contemporary and finaled in the National Readers Choice Award. THEN HE KISSED ME, Cottonbloom Book 2, was named an Amazon Best Romance of 2016 and was a finalist for the National Excellence for Romance Fiction. TILL I KISSED YOU, Cottonbloom Book 3, is a finalist in the Maggie contest. LEAVE THE NIGHT ON, the latest Cottonbloom book, was named an iBooks Best Book of the Month and a Recommended Read from NPR.

When not lost in a cozy Southern town or Regency England, she's shuttling kids to soccer, helping with homework, and avoiding the Mt. Everest-sized pile of laundry that is almost as big as the to-be-read pile of books on her nightstand.

Visit her at or connect on Twitter at @LauraTrentham or on Facebook ( or Pinterest (