Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Slightly Wicked by Mary Balogh

Slightly Wicked
by Mary Balogh
Book Two of the
Bedwyn Saga
This series is a long held favorite of mine. I have
reread it many times. But I have never written a
review before. Slightly Wicked is my favorite of
the series. Though, I love them all.
This one is Rannulfs story. He is carefree and happy,
making the trip to visit his Grandmother.
How the smallest choices and chances can change
your life so dramatically....
He meets Claire Campbell along the way.
She is a confident, talented and beautiful actress.
Rannulf and Claire find themselves stuck in a hotel
due to bad weather and a broken axel.
What is there to do?? Two single, worldly and 
slightly wicked adults find ways to fill the time.
The weather clears and it's time for everyones
journey to continue. Claire leaves without so much as
a ''see you later". Rannulf decides she must have had
her reasons for leaving that way.
As you might have guessed, Rannulf and Claire do
meet up again. But neither of them is prepared
when it happens.
The Bedwyn family is the star of this series.
The whole family. They are each very different
individuals. And yet, they are a very close family.
I am sure each story can stand alone. Though
I have never read them as such.
Each is a wonderful story and I hope you
will enjoy the Bedwyn Saga.
My copy of this story has been signed
by the amazing Mary Balogh.
As such, it is a great treasure of mine.
Review by Lisa Hutson



  1. Lisa-- am loving all of these reviews and can't wait to read my new book by Mary.


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