Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Color of Joy- audio version

The Color of Joy
Audio Version

Book #8 in The Color of Heaven series.

 I have listened to all the stories of this series.
Each story defines the importance of every person
in a different way. Every story has a moment when
the reader will gasp in awe. When things start to
come together.
Every person is important to so many others in
so many ways. None of us ever knows how many
people we effect. But Julianne MacLean will remind
you to live your life the best you can. Because you
are making a difference to someone else.
 Any given day. Every little choice.
All the moments that make up our lives
make a difference in someone else's life.
Riley and Lois are happy and in love.
Parenting two small children
and excitedly expecting their third one.
Jenn and Jake are expecting their
first child. Also happily in love.

But the two couples are very different.
You will find yourself conflicted reading
this story. As the tale winds up, its hard
to believe all that has happened.
Its a story of faith, love, trust,
forgiveness and the wonder of life.

I have enjoyed the audio version of this entire 
series. Sarah Naughton, Graham Halstead
and Samara Naeymi are the narrators of
Color of Joy. They did a great job.
I like audio books and I thoroughly enjoy
when they have more than one telling
the story. It adds depth and feeling to it.
The stories all wind and connect together.
But they are easily stand alone reads. You will
not miss anything by picking any story from
the series to start with.
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Review by Lisa Hutson

Friday, January 22, 2016

Axel by Grace Burrowes ( Jaded Gentlemen Series)

Axel Belmont has been summoned from his warm and cozy greenhouse during a cold January evening because his neighbor has been murdered. He is the local magistrate and is required to investigate the case. Axel needs to ascertain if Colonel Stoneleigh committed suicide, if his death was an accident or if he was killed. After observing the body and crime scene in Colonel Stoneleigh’s study, Axel is certain that the colonel was murdered. However, he suspects that something is amiss with the colonel’s widow Abigail.

The first chapter of Axel outlines the story and provides insight into the main characters of Axel Belmont and Abigail Stoneleigh. Grace Burrowes does a fabulous job of weaving murder, mystery and romance in this novel. There are several concurrent minor plot threads in the novel which are effortlessly intertwined with the main characters actions. Axel has a different feel than the other books in the Jaded Gentlemen series because the element of suspense is felt throughout the entire book. As a reader, I needed to focus on each word in each scene so I would not miss a nuance or clue. Axel approached solving the murder using his observation skills and scientific knowledge. His expertise helped Axel sort out which clues would lead to the identity of Sir Gregory’s murderer. 

There are several villains in this suspenseful drama. Sir Gregory’s true nature is disclosed as Axel investigates his murder. The author does a fabulous job revealing Sir Gregory’s character and motivation as the investigation unfolds. Enjoyed the conversations between Nicholas Haddonfield, Matthew Belmont, Abigail and Axel which take place at the breakfast table and in the study. Matthew provides Axel with advice on how to approach interviewing the Stoneleigh servants. The discussions between Matthew and Axel provide the reader with insight into Axel’s first marriage, the importance of Axel’s work in his greenhouse and Axel’s desire for the Oxford fellowship. Nicholas (my favorite Grace Burrowes hero) flirts with Abigail. The banter between the two motivate Axel to come to terms with his feelings towards Abigail and allows the author to add the element of romance to the story. 

The attraction between the characters evolves as the murder investigation continues. Axel is one of the author’s longer novels. The longer length enabled the author to provide a story which perfectly blends the elements of romance, mystery and suspense. I enjoyed this book very much and am hoping the author will write another romantic suspense novel very soon! 

Reviewed By Susan Gorman 
Edited By Brian McGee 
Book purchased via Amazon

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One Wish by Robyn Carr Audio Version

One Wish
by Robyn Carr
Audio version

This is number 7 in the Thunder Point series.
Running time 9 hours 58 minutes.

I have listened to most of the books in this series.
I have been enjoying them all. But this one, One Wish,
is easily
my favorite. It's the best book I have listened
to in
a while. I love audible books. They are 
very convenient for me.

Grace is a florist in Thunder Point. She works hard and loves
 the work she does. She is also great with people.
A skill that is helping her build her business. Funny thing is,
no one in town knows where she came from. How she got
to be here. And no one seems to wonder about it. Grace fits
into this town wonderfully. She is happy and friendly.

Troy is a teacher at the high school in town. He has a
reputation. A good one. Troy is great with the students.
When he is not working at the school, he enjoys his time off.
He enjoys an active life. He has decided that Grace does
not have enough fun. Appointing himself her fun coach, they
slowly settle into a relationship. Getting to know each other and
have a lot of fun while they are at it.

Neither Grace or Troy are looking for a permanent relationship.
Graces past is full of drama and is very complicated. She is
happy to keep it all in the past. But we don't always get to
decide these things. While Graces past comes to the present,
Troy is realizing he is all in with their relationship. But maybe
it's more than he can handle. 

Can Grace open up and allow someone new into her life circus?
Can Troy welcome someone new permanently into his feelings,
future and plans?
Grace is asking for help.  Something she has never done. Troy is
the guy that is always glad to help. But he isn't sure he can 
manage this.

Robyn Carr is a wonderful story teller. They lend themselves
very well to audio form. Therese Plummer always does a
wonderful job with the narration. She manages very well
making each character distinct and recognizable. Without
sounding ridiculous. Not all narrators can do that.  
I recommend her and this story. 

Review by Lisa Hutson
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Girls Guide to Moving On by Debbie Macomber | Review

A Girls Guide to Moving On
by Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber is very popular and has been around
for a long time for a reason. Her books are wonderful.
She is a terrific writer. I cannot imagine where the
characters come from. They are always different.
Her stories don't seem to have a formula that she
follows all the time or anything. A Girl's Guide to
Moving On is exactly that. Storytelling at its best

Nichole and Jake have a child, Owen. They are divorced.
Leanne is Jake's mother. She is divorced from Jake's father,
Sean. The two women are very close. They support each other.
They each know where the other has come from. And Leanne
loves spending time with Owen. They live in apartments
across from each other in an active area of Portland.

The story is told from each of the women's viewpoints. It is 
the story of moving on. Just as the title says. I won't give 
away any more.  I will only say that its a wonderful story.
Its well written with a readers flow. Terrific characters.
As we all are, they are humanly flawed. I do recommend
this story to anyone, though I guess it does speak to 
women better.

I appreciate being able to get this copy from NetGalley.

This review is written by Lisa Hutson

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter

Audio version
 Harley Diekerhoff is recovering from the loss
of her family. The best way she knows how.
In peace and quiet, alone as much as possible.
Brock Sheenan is her boss and the perfect boss
for her. He likes to keep to himself. Brock is most
happy when employees just do their work and then
go on with their lives. Away from him.
Brock never mentioned children. Never asked if she
had children. Never said whether or not he had
children. He never said anything about children.
Then there is a knock at the door.
Surprise! He has children. Yes. Indeed he does.
Twins the same age the Harley's oldest child was.

 How does a person recover from such loss? How do
you make holidays work for your children?
We all have limits to how much we can take. How much
pressure. How much sadness. What do we do when we
reach our limit? When enough is enough.

This is a wonderful, joyful love story. It will touch
your heart. Quite likely, it will encourage you to
count your blessings.
Loretta Rawlins did a very nice job with the narration.
Steady rhythm. Easy to listen to.

I bought my copy from
Review by Lisa Hutson